One hundred million dollars to improve people's intelligence

Bryan Johnson, the founder of the startup Kernel, argues that in fifteen years we will be smarter, expanding the brain's natural abilities.

In fact, has invested one hundred million dollars to make that happen.

Hack intelligence

Speaking recently at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Johnson said that in the next two decades, researchers should develop tools for the brain that allow us to "ask any question we want":

For example, could I have a perfect memory? Could you erase my memories? Could I increase my learning rate, could I have brain-to-brain communication? Imagine a scenario where I say: 'Do I want to know what it is like to be a cowboy in the western United States in the 19th century?' And someone who creates that experience mentally.

Kernel's current approach, defined by Johnson as a "human intelligence company (HI)," will develop the development of new technology to treat neurological diseases. They want to build a small implantable chip, called "neuroprosthetic," which will help people who suffer damage caused by strokes, concussions or Alzheimer's disease. But Kernel's ultimate goal is to continue developing a chip for the "cognitive improvement" of the brain.

Johnson is also not the only one who is committed to a future in which our brains have improvements. Elon musk He is also developing a brain-computer interface and has founded a company to realize what he calls "neural mesh."