The risk of mental and physical disorders is higher in the gifted

According to a study conducted by researchers in the Department of Psychology at Pitzer College, having an IQ greater than 130 increases the risk of mental and physical disorders.

To conduct the study, they interviewed 3,715 members of the NGO for gifted American Mensa with an intellectual quotient greater than 130.

IC and disease

While 10% of the general population was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, among the Mensa community increased to 20%, which suggests that intellectually gifted people are more sensitive to environmental stimuli.

High IC does not trigger the disease, but predisposes to it. As he explains Nicole Tetreault, co-author of the work:

The unique intensities and excitability (...) can be both extraordinary and disabling on many levels. A large part of these people suffer daily emotional and physical hypersensitivity.