This is what was in a dinosaur 180 million years ago

"In the fossil record there is very little evidence of food inside herbivorous dinosaur carcasses and, so far, it had only been described in hadrosaurs and ankylosaurs," he explained José Ignacio Canudo, the main coordinator of the Aragosaurus group of the University of Zaragoza who has published a study on what has been found in a dinosaur 180 million years ago.

Good conservation

The study, which has been published in the magazine Scientific Reports, is the first evidence of feeding in an early Jurassic ornithopod. Specifically, the study has been carried out in the fossil of a dinosaur of 180 million years ago in a marine deposit of Patagonia which they have baptized as Isaberrysaurus by Isabel Valdibia, the fan who found the first remains.

What has been found in its stomach contents casing: a mass of mineralized seeds. The first evidence of feeding in a primitive ornithopod and in the Jurassic.

The good conservation of the seeds (the largest are Cycadales) indicates that the dinosaur was at the beginning of food processing.