So bloody can be an infidelity between penguins

He 76% of penguins mate with the same partner throughout their lives. However, how can a penguin react when his partner is unfaithful to another? The bloody image of that reaction is what we can see in this forward of the documentary shot by National Geopraphic about the confrontations that occur between animals.

The video shows how the male that arrives challenges to fight the penguin that is installed in his old nest. A video that, by the way, has already gone viral because of the similarities it has with some scenes of jealousy between human beings.

After the battle with the powerful wings, the two males decide to call the female to be the one who decides, but she chooses with her new lover. This does not leave the original couple happy, that haunts them to the nest and, at the entrance, the battle resumes.

"Finally, the female leaves the nest and chooses her new lover again. Now the husband must go and find a shelter where to spend the mating season," he said in the video.

It is not the first time that we talk about customs, sometimes somewhat perverse, of penguins.

Video: Homewrecking Penguin. Animal Fight Night Original (April 2020).