In Russia they have this tactile cafe to navigate while you drink coffee

Currently, if you enter a quiet and modern cafeteria, what you will find is dozens of people in their mobile phones or on their laptop. Connoisseurs that times change, in this cafe located in Russia, the tabletops are tactile and they behave as if they were a giant tablet, as you can see in the video that heads this post.

These tables also serve to consult the menu and make your orders. The touch tables are so successful that they are beginning to be installed in all kinds of establishments around the world. In addition, it provides the necessary waterproofing so that its interior is protected, before any type of consumable liquid in this type of establishments. The pioneer in designing this kind of tables has been the Korean company called Moneual.

Video: A New Way to Order using McDonalds Self-Ordering Kiosk (April 2020).