The longest bridges in the world are in China, and the longest is 160 km

China has the Great Wall of China, an engineering work that extends 21,196 kilometers long (although it is so narrow that, contrary to popular opinion, it is not an object that can be seen from space). And it also has some of the longest bridges in the world, including the longest, which extends 160 kilometers in length.

The longest floating bridge in the world is this, but if we only consider the bridge, regardless of what is saved, then we have to keep the Dnyang-Kunshan Great Bridge.

The bridge of Marras is located east of Jiangsu Province, between the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing. It is a long viaduct of 164.8 kilometers on which the Beijing-Shanghai High Speed ​​line sits. It includes a section of 9 kilometers in length on the water that crosses the Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou. It is estimated that 10,000 people worked in its construction, and that it took more than 4 years to complete it. It was opened in 2011.

Seven of the ten longest bridges in the world are also found in China. The first is the Great Danyang-Kunshan Bridge followed by the Tianjin Great Bridge, with 113 kilometers and the Weinan Weihe Great Viaduct, with 79 kilometers.

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